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Why wear Medical Armour?

Inactivates Viruses

Products made using Medical Armour’s nano technology have been proven to inactivate more than 99.99% viruses. These has been confirmed through a laboratory testing conducted by USA-based A2LA ISO 17025 certified laboratory through ISO 18184 test standard for determining the anti-viral activity of the fabrics.

Kills Bacteria and Fungi

Medical Armour technology successfully kills 99.99% of gram positive and gram negative bacteria as confirmed by laboratory testing conducted by NABL laboratory in India. The technology is also bio-burden effective

Smart fabrics to provide comfort

Our smart fabrics are breathable and provides comfort to wearers. For masks, PPE and scrubs, we use fabrics that remain cooler during the day. For patient clothing, our fabrics reacts with environment and adjusts resistance accordingly, thus helping maintain the necessary temperature in colder treatment rooms.

100% safe to use

All our products do not contain any harmful substances or any banned chemicals and are extremely safe to use.

Test Reports



Anti-bacterial efficacy after 60 lab washes

Super breathable

Fire Resistant

pH neutral


Safe to use


We hear YOU

  • Dr. Noah Patrick
    As a doctor, I use the scrubs and masks for a long period of time especially in the OT. They provide comfort and a balance fit! Highly recommended to others in the Healthcare industry!
    Dr. Noah Patrick
  • Mia Johns
    I purchased masks and head covers for my entire family during the lockdown period. The masks were very comfortable. Thank you to the team for offering such safe products.
    Mia Johns
    New York
  • Eliza Davis
    The masks are easy enough to breathe through. They are reusable and do not cause any skin irritation. Best quality at affordable rates.
    Eliza Davis

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